We are not a Big Church

Though we are small, we’re trying to grow because we recognize that there are thousands of people in our local area who have yet to hear the good news about Jesus Christ in a simple way they can understand.

We are not a Traditional Church

We meet in a pre-school hall which is not your traditional church building. It’s not that we don’t respect good tradition, we just think that tradition is not for everybody. What we do believe is that Jesus is for everybody and we want to present him to as many people as we can. So nobody wears robes, we don’t have an alter or candles. We do sing contemporary songs together during our gathering, songs that have great words about Jesus. So come along and see for yourself.

We are not a Perfect Church

If you join us, as we hope you will, it probably won’t take you long to work out where we’re going wrong. We make lots of mistakes. Most of the time they’re not deliberate – we’re a work in progress. But what we hope you’ll soon discover is that the real hero is not any one of us, but the Lord Jesus Christ.