This is a compelling vision that we have set for ourselves, one that we cannot achieve on our own without God himself aiding and helping us each step of the way. Here’s how you can be involved:


Commit Vision 2020 before the Lord in prayer. Pick one component of this vision each week and pray asking for the Lord’s blessing.


Become part of Vision 2020 by using your gift and talents. Evangelise the people around you wherever God has placed you.


Vision 2020 requires your financial support, generously as the Lord leads. Give of your time, energy and other resources to any of the components that make up Vision 2020


Talk about Vision 2020 all the time every time. This will help you not to forget and not to lose sight of what we are doing as C4. It encourages others to continue working towards the goal.

Here is a summary of Vision 2020

  • Grow C4 to 150 adults by 2017
  • Have 3 new Gospel Life Groups by 2017
  • Plant C4 Northriding by 2019
  • Buy property by 2020
  • Start a school 2020

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