C4 women’s ministry values the bible as God’s authoritative and accurate word of salvation and service (2Tim 3:16).

Scripture is the authority in our lives and we endeavour to study the Word of God, encourage one another in the faith and to make the gospel known to other women who have not yet come to know the Lord our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Living, working, studying and raising families in Johannesburg has resulted in a change in the traditional support structure which allowed women to call or pop in fir a visit with our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, cousins and aunts for advice, help or counsel in times of trouble. Many of us view Johannesburg as the place of work and not our home or a community where we belong and should be investing our efforts in building relationships and serving one another.

The women of C4 would like to change these feelings we have as we strive to be an authentic community that is welcoming to all women (no judgement or favoritism) and to build real relationships as we, ‘do life together’, because of our shared faith and love for Christ.

What do we do?

The structured elements of the women’s ministry as as follows:

  • A variety of events, every 2nd month, where we discuss various topics about Christianity, women’s issues and the bible teachings on these topics
  • Regular informal gatherings or socials to help us real build relationships
  • Yearly half day women’s convention

How do we do this?

We encourage all women to be actively involved in other areas of the church as we have seen how being part of a service group or ministry team encourages community and helps one feel at home at C4. We would love to welcome you to C4 and hope that you are able to find a spiritual home here with us where you can worship and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you would like to find out more about our women's ministry, please contact us on info@c4online.co.za