The art of High Tea

Soothe me lemon and ginger tea
(Also has honey)

This tea is part of the Woollies collection of teas.

This is a fruit infusion tea that is a ‘caffeine – free’. It’s great alternative to normal tea.
Gently spiced, citrus combination that is soothing and comforting during the cold winter months.
The lemon, ginger and honey combination will help boost the immune system, which we all need during winter months to fight off the cold and flu.
Lemon – helps to flush out toxins and unwanted material from the body
Ginger – has warming qualities which will help burn out harmful bacteria
Honey – the best-known health benefits of honey is its ability to soothe sore throats and kill the bacteria that causes the infection.

Due to the fact that it’s a light tea it’s better to let it steep for minimum time of 5minutes, ideally let it steep for 7-10minutes

Try enjoy the natural flavour taste as is, or add a drop of honey if you desire a little sweetness ( you can also add a little sugar but I would not advice it) and of course you can add a slice of lemon for a more citrus taste.

Please do not add any milk!!!

How to Properly Drink your Tea

First and foremost never hold your cup with your pinkie finger extended. This is improper and in most social settings is considered rude. Place your index finger into the handle of the cup up to the knuckle while placing your thumb on the top of the handle to secure the cup. The bottom of the handle should then rest on your third finger. The fourth and fifth fingers should curve back towards your wrist.

When stirring your tea, be careful not to clink your spoon against the cup. Gently swish the spoon back and forth without touching the sides of the cup. When through stirring, remove the spoon and place it on the saucer behind the tea cup and to the right of the handle. Of course, never take a drink of your tea without removing the spoon first, and please never, ever sip from the spoon.


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