The silly season and me

Hi there hope that you are well. I thought I would share with you some of the wisdom I have gained over the years especially concerning these last three months of the year leading up to the end of the year. If you think about it you might find these or at least some of these things to be true of you at the moment.

We are coming to the end of the year but it’s not coming fast enough you might feel. The reality is that you are tired, you have been working full steam, running at full pace throughout the last 9 months. Your body is now tired or getting tired, your mind is tired and emotionally you are spent. The energy levels are not as high as they were when the year started. It’s hotter outside so that makes you even more drained physically.

Everything feels like a big effort, work is an effort, dealing with people including church people is an effort, long meetings are an effort.
Now here is the thing, because you feel like this please note a couple of things:

  • You are easily irritated by anything and everything. People irritate you from your pastor to the postman whom you see once in a blue-moon if at all. You are easily irritated and angered, you have very little patience and tolerance.
  • The experts say it’s during this time of the year (Oct-Dec) that most people have what they call ‘smiling depression’. Life carries on but there is something you feel is not right. You can’t put your finger on it but it’s there. It makes you feel sad/unhappy, unfulfilled, emotional (even the guys), moody grumpy and again just tired of everything. Some more than others go into deeper depression.
  • During this time of the year be careful not to make any big decisions about yourself e.g. changing careers. If you are an accountant for example don’t quit your job overnight to now go and join the police force or something like that. It’s too much of a life change. Don’t make decisions about your friends or family you are not thinking clearly because of all the stuff I talked about. Don’t go getting tattoos done or get into big debt don’t commit to too many new things during this time you are not thinking too clearly. Don’t take on new big projects.
  • Spiritually you may find it hard to read your bible and pray, you may find it difficult to remain godly and loving Jesus. The will to fight temptation is running low.


Bottom line is this: hang in there, what is happening to you is also happening to lots of us. Talk about it, pray about it and ask the Lord to give you joy, strength, peace and lots of patience.
In December I will write and tell you why December is dangerous for you spiritual walk if you do not take care. I hope this is of some use to you.


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