The story of C4

The one question most people have been asking me in the past months is “When did you decide to plant a church?” The answer to that always brings about the same reaction in almost everyone who hears it. The ICU ward in Sunninghill hospital Joburg got me to think about church planting. Having suffered a Pulmonary Embolism and spending 10 days in ICU one has a bit more time to think clearly and evaluate their life and circumstances. It was at that time that I decided it would be great and honouring to the Lord for me to at least think, pray and investigate what is involved in church planting. Technically speaking Cross Centred Community Church – C4 was born in a hospital.

About two years ago a group of 18 adults and a bunch of kids started meeting as the core group coming out of Christ Church Midrand. We met weekly for bible study, training and prayer. We also met as a community to do life together. It soon became clear that we needed to grow and expand our efforts and so we started a Sunday morning gathering where others could attend. Many others have come to join us including some non-Christians. We are a church of small gospel communities because we are convinced this is the best way to evangelise, disciple and pastor each other in our context. Many people have found this refreshing and new, it’s authentic community where people are loved and cared for but most important they see the bible come alive in practice. We have now been meeting officially as a church for the last 8 months and are encouraged to be part of what God is doing in our community. It’s early days but they are good days indeed.

C4 meets on a Sunday morning in a pre-school hall in Bryanston. God has blessed us with this great facility because it’s comfortable for adults and awesome for our children in a big way. Our aim is to see young professionals and young families come to know Jesus and grown to maturity in Him. We want the gospel of Christ to be clear, to be relevant and culture transforming in our community. As C4 we want to see many un-churched and un-believing people come to Christ as Lord and Saviour. We believe we have a role to play in Joburg, we love Joburg it’s our city and because God has put us here. We pray and look where God is working and partner with him there for the good of the city.

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