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The problem with queues

One of the good things about living in South Africa is that we all have stories – stories about anything and everything. We talk about the horrible traffic every morning, we talk about the lack of service delivery, we talk politics, sports and even about the weather. At some level or another, we relate to these stories because we have been part and parcel of them. We have participated, lived or have been affected by some of these circumstances and situations we talk about so much.

One familiar way a person gets to hear all these wonderful stories is when we are queuing for stuff. And boy do we queue. We queue for everything – banks, malls, post office, grocery shopping and clothing stores – everywhere! Have you noticed though, how when you are in a rush, the queue is at its slowest? And when you look at the other queues at the other till points, it seems as if they are moving faster than yours? Right? You wonder what did those people do right to have the fastest queue?

Sometimes you see people you know in the other queue; family members, friends, people from work. I’ve seen the security guy at my complex in a queue and we started chatting about people who forget passcodes when they leave their complex and how frustrating it can be for everyone. I could relate – I was the one who forgot a passcode. It is always good to see a familiar face in a queue, because at least you can share the experience – even if it is a long queue. And when you see people you know, you start to chat. Dumelang! Ndaa! It makes the waiting slightly less stressful.

Now imagine, for a second – on Judgement Day when our Lord Jesus Christ comes back to fetch those who are his, those who lived their lives in obedience to him and trusted that he is the Son of God, there’s a queue. Let’s say 2 queues: one leading to heaven and another leading to hell. You are in the one to heaven because God by His grace and mercy enabled you to put your faith and trust in Christ and His work on the cross. Granted the queue could be shorter and move along much quicker but everyone in this queue is happy, singing and praising the name of Jesus. It’s a happy queue. But then you happen to look across the other side and you catch a glimpse of the slow, long, agonising, painful, sorrow-filled, hopeless queue to hell. It’s a place where nobody wants to be. But then as you look closer in the queue you see the security guard from the gate, or even still, you see your colleague waiting in that queue to hell. With no hope, no way out – nothing to save them. Embarrassed you try to hide so they don’t see you and your happiness, but they do. And from all that pain, suffering, the deadness they are feeling – all they say to you is “WHY?” “Why didn’t you tell me? You let me walk into hell and did nothing to warn me. Why didn’t you tell me I was dying when I thought I was living? Why didn’t you tell me?”

What you know about Christ is something you cannot keep to yourself. The word of God has the power to change lives – it changed yours. It has the power to save beyond this life. Tell someone.

In Ephesians 2, we are reminded that we were dead in our transgressions and followed the ways of the world (vs. 2,3), and we were made alive only through Christ, by God’s mercy (vs. 4,5). Romans 6 reminds us that the wages (the reward) of sin (rebellion against God) is death, not “la vida loca”, death! By believing in Christ, you have been made alive and received the gift of life from God. This is worth sharing and letting others know and experience the redemptive power, the same love, the same mercy, the same forgiveness and grace – all in abundance – as you have received.

Don’t wait to be reminded whilst In the queue that you should have told someone, or at least invited them to Church – it will be too late. Do it today. Trust God with your words and take lead from his teaching. At the point where you invite others to come to know him, he will not leave you.

One of the good things about living in South Africa is that we all have stories to share. Let’s share – the goods news of Christ.

#Recharge and #ConnectwithGod.
Irvine Rambau

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